Integrated Pest Management in the Home Garden

early blight

A home gardener friend asked me a great question the other day. It’s one that’s complicated in response, but once you get the concept, and put it into practice, your garden will thank you ten fold for.  The question was – How do I control early blight in my garden?  Seems like it should be [...]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Bug

Brown Moth Caterpillar

Who had a great Father’s Day Weekend?  We Did! Were you able to relax and enjoy yourself outside?  We, of course, were hard at work getting the last pepper plants in the garden, filling the potato barrels with more soil, suckering the tomatoes, weeding, watering… and all natural, organic pest control… that’s right, picking pesky [...]

Life’s Lessons 101: Amusement Park Amazing

Don't Let People Steamroll You!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled garden blog to bring you some “Amusing” and amazing life lessons from our last day of school fun. Last day of school for St. Nicks St. Mary’s has always been at Knoebel’s Grove in Elysburg, PA. Sitting back on a truly gorgeous PA day, people and ride watching, we had [...]

Who Gives a Sh*t about Worm Poop?

Worm Poop

We recently posted about our first harvest of worm poop from the bin. From one little black 33 gallon bin of about 1,000 worms we harvested about 10 ounces of vermicompost, aka worm poop. After talking with the Worm Expert, Richie Mitchell from Bear Creek Organics, we learned that you should NOT dry out the [...]